Future Tense Conference is an internationally awarded B2B conference focusing on the future of business.

Encyclopedia Brittanica defines futurology as „the study of current trends in order to forecast future developments“. With Future Tense, we want to build a community of experts and leaders that are oriented towards creating a better future, researching new, exciting trends in business, exchanging knowledge and developing new skills.

With keynote speakers from around the world and audience members of local, regional and European business communities, Future Tense is a place to be if you want to know what our lives and businesses will look like tomorrow.

We want to bring together companies that are market leaders, their CEOs and C-level management, start-ups, public administration representatives, PR, HR and communications experts, the academic community, NGO representatives, and every one that feels invited to talk about future trends.

Every year, world-renowned futurists come to Zagreb to discuss trends that will soon become a norm in our everyday lives and businesses.