The second edition of the B2B Future Tense conference was held in 2022 and gathered more than 700 participants. The lectures of keynote futurists covered specific topics such as independent thinking and leadership, work and education, sustainable future, governance, technology, tourism.

Through panels and workshops, participants received specific knowledge and advice on how to identify often disruptive technologies and integrate them into business models.


Futurists and themes


Anne Lise Kjaer

Empathy, emotional intelligence


Daria Dasha Krivonos

Robustness is not resilience


Mike Bechtel

A brief history of the future


Mike Walsh

The future is now


Ian Yeoman

Tourist trends and legislative

FT22 Speech previews


Milla Bruneau

Lahti, Finland, carbon neutral city


Prof. Bojan Jerbić

Inter-species collaboration


Visitor statements


„When it comes to goals, we are very ambitious. Our long-term goal is to protect future generations and our consumers appreciate that. We do not lose our consumers due to sustainability. Quite the contrary, they demand it and we are open to our consumers' demands. Sustainability should not be seen as cost, it is an investment in the future.“

Laurentiu-Florin Dimitriu, Nestle Adriatic d.o.o., Country Manager Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina

“Future Tense conferences have always been interesting. Mike Walsh gave us food for thought with his lecture. Listening to all these inspiring speakers, one gets surprised at what awaits us, where we are going, and how we have been changing our life habits, leadership, education, and tourism. To stop for a second, to think a little bit about what awaits us in 2050, that's what the Future Tense Conference gave us.”

Renata Vujasinović, Visa, Country Manager Croatia

Renata Vujasinović
Boris Drilo

“For sure, better times are ahead and the current unstable circumstances will change for the better. Events like Future Tense help people focus on what is positive and important. Today we talked about technology from a different perspective, focusing on the impact of technology on society. A lot of new technologies are now entering the maturing phase when they are becoming transformative, both for society and for the economy.”

Boris Drilo, HT Board Member & CTIO

“I think the future will be better than today. If we look at the last 100, 200 or 1000 years, we can notice the progress in the world moving forward both scientifically and in terms of humanity, increasing efficiency, better standards, and quality of life. I am looking forward to everything Future Tense Conference brings. Just like the future, I think that Future Tense is getting better, I think that there is another beautiful and better future ahead of the conference"

Mihael Furjan, Teva/Pliva Croatia & SEE, General Manager


"I am very pleased with the topics of Future Tense, especially with our colleague Mike Bechtel from Deloitte Chicago who is not just one of the best futurologists but is so good at explaining the projection of the future in the best possible way. Conferences are always a place for exchanging knowledge and experience, as well as important networking. Being on the spot, talking directly with people, feeling the emotion plus bonding through live events definitely has long-lasting value."

Gordan Kožulj, Deloitte Croatia, Director

"I am a huge optimist; I believe in people and all of us. I believe that for the love of our children, we want to leave them something good. The entire lineup of speakers at the conference is perfect. I'm glad that we didn't stick to technology and other tech speech buzzwords, but we rather talked about the impact of technology on society. I think it is very important that this conference takes place in Zagreb because it is a very good starting point for opening the dimension of the future that we in Croatia need. I would like to see more state authorities next year so that we can convey our messages directly to them and that sometimes they can be reminded of them"

Boris Nemšić, Delta Partners, Chairman of the Board


“I am a realistic optimist. Realistic when it comes to abilities, and optimistic when it comes to what those abilities can do in the future. I was impressed by Mike Walsh's speech on the future of leadership and Daniel Susskind’s lecture about the new future-oriented way of work. Making it possible for at least 10-20 people in the organization to listen to the topics of the future of business is the first step in making this mindset an integral part of our organization.”

Liana Keserić, Raiffeisenbank Hrvatska, CEO

„I was impressed by Daniel Susskind and the topic of work and education in the future. I am an optimistic person and I think we live in the best time ever, even though sometimes we might feel nervous and unhappy about some things. I like the whole atmosphere around the Future Tense Conference, it's greatly organized. I really don't remember when the last time was that I was so impressed by the stage, so kudos to the production department as well. I’ve had a chance to meet a lot of people, a lot of acquaintances, so maybe, alongside nice lectures, the networking part was the most interesting one for me.”

Nikola Kapraljević, Infinum, CEO


“I am an optimist, but I am equally convinced that one should not be a blind optimist. The discussion about the role of state administration and politics at all levels in the future is important and it must change in the future. It’s also the mindset of the people in Croatia who still expect politicians or someone else to solve their problems that need to change. Future Tense Conference is fantastic, among other things, because in our region we rarely talk about the long-term future that goes beyond next elections. Together with the thoughts of world-renowned experts, I really find this conference extremely useful and interesting.”

Ivan Franičević, Rasco, CEO