Leadership Masterclass

The Leadership Masterclass targets experienced leaders who realize that the traditional leadership theories and tools no longer suffice and new leaders eager to base their leadership on a futures-oriented evidence-based approach.

Traditional leadership practices are often based on the fundamental idea that we can plan and predict our future from today`s perspective. Handling multiple crises like COVID-19, war, economic turmoil, broken supply chains and climate change while at the same time dealing with new technology, new ways of working, and rapidly shifting demands from the workforce is exactly what is causing most of the traditional leadership tools to fall short.

Leadership Masterclass is about including a long-term vision and an understanding of continuous change in daily management, not by forecasting from the present, but by backcasting from the future.

This involves a planning process in which the desired future goal is visualized, and then steps to achieve it are determined backward.

This approach differs from forecasting because it doesn't start with the current state but rather with a clear vision of the future, encouraging leaders to develop strategies and set a direction that leads towards long-term objectives.



  • Strategic Foresight Integration: Acquire the skills to seamlessly integrate the discipline of strategic foresight into your organization and foster a forward-thinking organizational culture.
  • Anticipating Emerging Futures: Equip yourself with concrete tools to anticipate and prepare your organization for emerging futures and navigate disruptive changes with confidence.
  • Mobilizing Change through Futures Thinking: Learn effective strategies to mobilize organizational change by incorporating Futures Thinking methodologies, ensuring adaptability in a rapidly evolving business landscape.
  • Balancing Operational Challenges and Long-term Value: Develop the ability to navigate the delicate balance between addressing daily operational challenges and strategically creating long-term value for sustained success.
  • Community Building and Networking: Build a robust professional community by actively engaging in networking opportunities. Exchange experiences and ideas with like-minded leaders from diverse organizations and industries, facilitated by experts from the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS).


Participating in this masterclass promises a comprehensive understanding of strategic foresight, empowering you to proactively shape your organization's future in an ever-changing world.

Megatrends Masterclass

We can`t predict our future, but we can still prepare for it. The Megatrends Masterclass targets leaders, decision-makers, strategic advisors, business development teams, and risk management departments with the goal of embracing the fact of uncertainty and preparing organizations for possible futures.



  • Developed New Cognitive Framework: Cultivate a fresh way of thinking and observing, fostering a new cognitive framework that enhances your ability to interpret and respond to complex challenges in an ever-evolving landscape.
  • Empowerment for Future Preparation: Gain empowerment in preparing for the future by acquiring practical tools and methodologies. Develop the skills to navigate uncertainties and proactively shape your organization's trajectory.
  • In-depth Understanding of Megatrends: Acquire a nuanced understanding of megatrends and their profound influence on our daily lives and businesses. Explore how these large-scale shifts impact industries, societies, and individual decision-making.
  • Identification of Relevant Trends: Hone your skills in identifying and discerning relevant trends, developments, and critical uncertainties. Develop a keen foresight that allows you to make informed decisions in the face of dynamic and unpredictable environments.


By the end of this masterclass, you'll possess a transformed mindset, enhanced empowerment, and a refined ability to navigate the intricate landscape of megatrends and emerging developments, ensuring a proactive and strategic approach to the future.

Discover firsthand insights from participants who have experienced our masterclass:


“Attendance at the Megatrends Masterclass organized by the Communication Laboratory proved to be an exceptionally interesting and educational experience. On one hand, I gained insight into new ways of thinking and tools that will assist me both in my professional and private environment. On the other hand, I had the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences and ideas with top professionals from various business backgrounds.“

Andrej Ribičić

Deputy Head of Marketing, Večernji list d.o.o.


“This workshop is very inspiring and very useful because it provides insight into global megatrends that are practically applied to various industries, including our profession and life in general. In fact, it gives us the opportunity to think about everything in a slightly different way.”

Maja Jelisić - Cooper

Co-founder of Klasik TV; co-founder and CEO of DOX TV, Board member of Bright Entertainment Group


“Every form of education is generally beneficial, especially when considering the future. I find this masterclass to be highly applicable in my consulting profession, where we assist companies in recognizing trends and preparing in a timely manner, whether from the perspective of risk management or in terms of financing and managing people within the organization. It's interesting to see how individuals engaged in this field think and what information and reflections they are exposed to. A very inspiring workshop.”

Danijel Pevec