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  • We already see significant changes in our industry in the context of new technology. It broadly defines what the media industry looks like; it does not look as it looked ten years ago. When we are talking about Future Tense, the point is for each of us to be a part of it, for each of us in our segment to think about the future, how to use visions of the future in the business, and then summarize all of that into one whole that gives the results.

    — Dražen Mavrić, CEO Nova TV —
  • The painful truth about competitiveness in business is that there will be no future for those who have not given the matter much thought. When it comes to digital transformation, tomorrow is always around the corner, demanding that we watch closely and keep up. Most importantly, for businesses to advance, an internal paradigm shift needs to happen first.

    — Tomislav Radoš, Vice-President for Industries and Sustainable Development —
  • Being a futurist myself, I was expecting to meet peers, pick up a few thoughts to take home to ponder, and interact with some interesting people. I left Future Tense 2022 greatly inspired. The level of content was genuinely great, both thought-provoking and portraying high levels of expertise. Meanwhile, the conference setting and atmosphere served as an inviting backdrop for meeting new people and to spur conversation.

    — Daria (Dasha) Krivonos, CEO of Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies —
  • Our imagination is our time-machine. And when we pair our ability to fantasize about the future with facts from the present, sometimes we get fascinating futurological predictions. By predicting the future itself, we are strongly mastering decisions in the present. For me in the end, it matters less whether these predictions ultimately end up accurate or not. What matters is that imagination gives us the opportunity to discover something completely new.

    — Liana Keserić, CEO Raiffeisenbank Croatia —
  • The business community is now collectively trying to navigate through our new normal – this is a clear opportunity to engineer a better future – not just to repave old paths, but to rethink how we can all move forward together. We at Deloitte are everyday advising our clients to make decisions today that can help them arrive at their preferred tomorrows slightly ahead of schedule.

    — Dražen Nimčević, Country Leader Deloitte —


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