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Welcome to Future Tense powered by LürssenCroatian first future-oriented, internationally awarded B2B conference focusing on the future of business.

Once again, this B2B event brings together leading futurist experts from around the globe.

You can find out what's trending in leadership, technology, sustainability, and society at large.

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Future Tense Conference
powered by Lürssen

Future Tense Conference
powered by Lürssen

Teuta Duletić by Matija Djanješić Cropix

„The Future Tense Conference powered by Lürssen Design Center Kvarner not only brings knowledge about the constantly changing direction of the world but also provides a strong dose of motivation, encouraging leaders, decision-makers, and experts to courageously reexamine their businesses, embrace transformations as opportunities for growth, and thereby ensure resilience towards future changes. Deciding what to discard becomes essential in order to free ourselves from the burden of outdated practices. The dynamics of the "learn, unlearn, and relearn" cycle lay the foundation for agility and success in an unpredictable environment.”

Teuta Duletić, Managing Director of Lürssen Design Center Kvarner

Hybrid events will redefine connectivity, bridging physical and virtual worlds to cultivate event community collaboration and innovation in unprecedented ways to ensure lower carbon footprint of the event industry.

Jaka Gornik, CEO at Confiva

“Innovation and faith in the future are the fundamental challenges of good business, and I am pleased that we can find the same in the De'Longhi Group and all our brands. Market competitiveness is certainly achieved through research and innovative approaches, and technology is something that can distinguish and highlight us, enabling us to reach consumers more easily. The future is challenging because the pace of technological progress is currently experiencing a truly rapid increase, but at the same time, understanding technology and having faith in its advantages can and should preserve us, so that we can still uphold the fundamental values of society in which we live and pass them on to future generations. I believe in the future and technological progress, and I certainly support awareness about it, which is why conferences like Future Tense are very important for us to ensure a better environment with the help of knowledge.”

Nataša Bagić, Marketing Manager, De'Longhi Group

“In today's business world, the concept of sustainability goes beyond the traditional cost accounting and standard principles of good management. Sustainability requires a broader strategic approach, as well as leaders' ability to think outside the established frameworks, with ENNA embodying sustainability at its core. Contemporary leaders must be visionaries, capable of seeing opportunities and challenges that may not be immediately apparent. Empathy is a key component of successful leadership, as every success is built on people. Technology can be of great assistance to us; it's important that we understand it and maximize its benefits to make our business processes more efficient and achieve our goals.”

Sabina Škrtić, ENNA Group

In order to remain relevant in a constantly evolving world, it's essential for brands to be innovative and adapt to the ongoing changes. This calls for a dynamic approach that responds to the needs of tomorrow's consumers. Finding a balance between emotions and reason marks the dawn of a new era in consumer decision-making amidst technological advancement.

Gregor Firbas, CEO at Futura DDB

Mladen Jambrović foto by Ratko Mavert

“We operate in a time of very rapid changes with the gallop of new technologies. Therefore, thinking about the future of business has become the daily routine for any leader. The organization should be adapted to changes and constantly steered towards what the future holds. Iverpan is also working in this direction, and we understand that we must acquire new knowledge that will make it easier for us to "look" into tomorrow. Only with such new knowledge, which is part of Future Tense, may we guess the dioptre of the glasses through which we already observe the future.”

Mladen Jambrović, Board Member at Iverpan

Mladen Jambrović foto by Ratko Mavert

“Let’s face it – disruption is our reality and creative exaggeration is the future tense of successful leadership.”

Neli Angelova, Nestlé Communication Manager for Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia

Anita Letica foto by Tatjana Bukvić

„When people think of innovative sectors, the tobacco industry probably wouldn't be the first that comes to mind. But that is something that has been rapidly changing over the past few years precisely because Philip Morris has initiated a massive transformation of the entire industry. This change is primarily a result of listening to consumer needs and is based on innovation, technological advancement, scientific achievements, and - courage. Because if we want to create a better future, we must break away from the past and be ready to embrace the new level of progress that the future brings. The pace of technological change and the development of innovative solutions are faster than ever, and the time has come when we as a company can be part of the solution to a significant social problem, by making significant investments in technology and science, driven by the clear purpose of delivering a smoke-free future. We all must create an environment that fosters further investments in science, technological, and innovative solutions because every lost moment is a missed opportunity for the development of the society we live in.“

Anita Letica, General Manager Croatia & Slovenia at
Philip Morris International

Anita Letica foto by Tatjana Bukvić

„The accelerated pace of technological development is changing the world for the better, and companies today have the opportunity to use technological advantages for the benefit of society.

Philip Morris International recognized the moment and started a revolution in the tobacco industry, not only in terms of its own business model, but also in the product itself. By investing in research and development and creating innovative products, we responded to the demands and preferences of users and began to change from a leading tobacco company to a technology company.

Our transformation, which began more than a decade ago, is still ongoing, with a clear end goal: creating a future without cigarette smoke. The journey we are on requires visionary leadership, courage and perseverance to move away from traditional products and business models and towards a completely different future.

Today, smokeless products account for more than a third of our net revenue, which is evidence of our progress towards the goal of becoming a predominantly smokeless company. The cooperation and support of the relevant stakeholders are of key importance in this, because only together can we leave cigarettes behind in history.“

Branislav Bibić, Area Vice President Sub-Saharan Africa at Philip Morris International

Liana Keserić

„In the era of significant technological advances, banks are embracing artificial intelligence eagerly. I am confident that AI will be an important ally for us in automating of processes.

Implementation of new technologies enables us to continuously provide robust high-quality support for clients in their lives and businesses. Therefore, I believe that technology will not distance us from our clients. On the contrary, it will bring us even closer to those for whom we are here.”

Liana Keserić, CEO Raiffeisenbank Hrvatska

Liana Keserić

“Digital transformation is reshaping our present reality and setting a new trajectory for the future. As digital increasingly embeds across almost every touchpoint, we can expect a new wave of Payment System Risks to emerge. Excited to attend Future Tense Conference and present how Visa manages ecosystem risk, protects the transaction of today and tomorrow, empowers the consumer, and secures client business, while reducing risks from increasingly sophisticated cyber, artificial intelligence, and fraud threats in an increasingly complex global payments ecosystem. And beyond today, we will discuss how Visa Risk is preparing for the exponentially changing world of tomorrow.”

David Capezza, VP, Europe Risk Advisory, VISA

Renata Vujasinović

“At a time when technology plays a key role in our daily lives, at Visa we believe it is important to take advantage of the potential and opportunity these new tools bring to the financial sector.

Visa has always been at the forefront of innovation in payments, and now we’re increasingly at the centre of any movement of money to and from anyone, anywhere, anytime, with our technology platform being among the most powerful examples of the tangible benefits of AI when it comes to risk and fraud management.

We are energized for the work ahead and the central role Visa and our partners can play in innovating the future of money with AI. For this year's edition of Future Tense Conference we look forward to sharing views and opening conversations about innovations that will shape our common future.”

David Capezza, VP, Europe Risk Advisory, VISA

Renata Vujasinović