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Sofie Hvitved is a Futurist, Senior Advisor and Head of Media at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies.  She is strongly engaged in the intersection between media, technology and entertainment and has a solid strategic background in the media industry. She is currently working on the future of the Metaverse and how it will affect our lives and businesses.

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies is an independent, nonprofit futures think tank (NGO) founded in 1969. CIFS purpose is to equip and inspire individuals and organizations to act on the future, today. The institute is a globally engaged organization working across the public, private, civic, and academic sectors.


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Keeping up
With the Metaverse

Keeping up With the Metaverse

Embracing the idea of the Metaverse is about embracing long-term thinking, because it will take a long time to unfold. And in this process, we need to expand our understanding of what the metaverse might become and which technologies and societal development we might see. We have to be aware in creating a responsible Metaverse fit for a brighter future – and not a dystopian future that copies the sci-fi novels where the name origins. Join this session and dive into some of the technologies and developments that is pointing towards quite different futures of the metaverse such as web3, the creator economy and AI.


“The users are drowning in content and new ways to keep us informed. With the creator economy and easy access to global as well as hyperlocal content, we have a lot to choose from. So how do we ensure that the content we are presented with builds upon the values of a democratic society?”

„We need ethical algorithms to ensure that the good content reaches the wide audiences“

„I don’t think that traditional media has “a right to win”. They need to be more upfront and understand the new structural changes and the way that technology and the digitalisation of society are changing everything. I’m not saying that they should let go of all the principles on a journalistic level or the quality, but they must think in a totally different way, in terms of outreach and platforms.“

How will we communicate and interact in 2030? If you ask the big tech and gaming companies, we will experience a much greater overlap between our online and offline presence in the next big evolution of the internet: the Metaverse — or Internet 3.0, as some call it. Being a futurist, I think the question we should be asking ourselves is not so much whether it will actually happen, but rather who will govern, control and moderate the coming Metaverse?”