Apart from the regular Conference's agenda, we are offering you an exclusive opportunity to explore the „Megatrends Shaping Tomorrow“ with an expert futurist from the Institute for Future Studies in Copenhagen.

The session is intended for long-term thinking and supports a dialogue among the participants. Megatrends are long-term trends that influence societies globally.


Shaping Tomorrow

When developing a solid and successful strategy or scenario process, the key is to identify the megatrends influencing the future of your organization and to be prepared for their effects:

• The current state of the world
• Working with future
• Future of work
• Megatrends and society
• Technology as a force multiplier

The workshop Megatrends Shaping Tomorrow is intended for 40 people, so book your place on time here. We have a special discount price for regular Conference attendees so make sure you use both opportunities.

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€320 + VAT 2.411,04 KN + VAT


€170 + VAT 1.280,87 KN + VAT