In collaboration with our strategic partner, a global leader in future forecasting and future studies, the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS), we are launching an exciting series of workshops, starting with the Megatrends Masterclass.

CIFS highlights that while we can't predict the distant future with certainty, certain trends known as megatrends are quite predictable. We may not have significant influence over them, but we can keep pace with them by recognizing them in a timely manner.

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS) is a renowned research institution specializing in trend analysis, strategic foresight, and future-oriented research. Their expertise lies in identifying emerging societal, technological, and economic trends, equipping businesses and organizations with insights to make informed decisions and adapt proactively to an ever-changing future landscape.

One of the main goals of the Future Tense platform is to encourage the Croatian business community to consider megatrends and embrace the concept of futures thinkingFutures thinking doesn't aim to predict the future, nor does it claim that there's only one correct future or that it's predetermined. In fact, it advocates that there are multiple possible futures, and that the future can be actively shaped by the decisions we make today. It's a creative and exploratory process that, while acknowledging the uncertainty of the future, uses divergent thinking to identify multiple potential responses.

Join the Megatrends Masterclass on November 8, 2023 in Hotel Zonar Zagreb.

The number of seats is limited.

Megatrends Masterclass

Why Megatrends Masterclass and futures thinking?

We can’t predict our future but can still prepare for it.


Who is it for?

Leaders, decision-makers, strategic advisors, business development teams, and risk management departments.


What is the goal?

To embrace the fact of uncertainty and prepare yourself and your organization for possible futures.

What are the most valuable takeaways from this training? 

  • Developed new way of thinking and observing
  • Empowerment when it comes to preparation for the future
  • Better understanding of megatrends and their influence on our everyday lives and businesses
  • Identifying relevant trends, developments and critical uncertainties

The masterclass starts at 9am and ends at 5pm and includes:

  • CIFS presentation on futures thinking and strategic foresight
  • Group activities
  • Final reflections

Refreshments during breaks are included.

Number of seats is limited. GET YOURS NOW

Martin Kruse

The Masterclass will be led by Martin Kruse, who holds the position of senior advisor and futurist at CIFS. Martin is heading the research on Environment and Resources and foresight and futures studies at the Institute. In recognition of his contributions, he has received an invitation to participate in a panel of experts offering recommendations on green growth at the G20 meeting.


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  • ZAGREB, NOVEMBER 8, 2023