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Explore exciting future trends, exchange knowledge and experience, develop new skills and prepare for the future of business.


Regardless of whether you are optimistic or pessimistic about the future, the fact is that it is inevitable, and you should prepare your business for it. The Future Tense conference aims to help you in that process by gathering futurists, experts, and the business community in one place. How it can exactly help you and why is a place to be for future leaders, find out below.


  1. Encourages Conversations About the Future

The public and the media almost always talk about the same topics, which often include past and current events. If the future is talked about, it is often presented negatively in the context of global warming and a simplified understanding of automation and robotization. The Future Tense business conference seeks to change that narrative, to open space for conversations about the future, and to present the future with all its opportunities and challenges. Only by talking and thinking about the future can we progress as a society. Therefore, if you want to engage in the conversation about the future, Future Tense 2023 is the right place for you.


  1. Discovers Future Trends

Monitoring market trends is a standard business practice, but only with an insight into future trends, i.e. megatrends, you can successfully prepare for the future and establish a sustainable business. To help you with this, at the Future Tense conference, world-renowned futurists and representatives of the business and academic community reveal megatrends that will shape a future business. An overview of future trends can help you create long-term business strategies and goals, make better investment decisions, and identify challenges and opportunities for your organization.


  1. Offers knowledge from the world-renowned futurists

Every year, Future Tense brings in some of the most famous futurists specialized in specific industries who we believe can offer you the knowledge needed to improve your business. It will not be any different this year either when 7 world-renowned futurists will answer key questions about the future and share advice on how to better prepare for it.

This year’s speakers list includes one of the top 10 futurists in the world, Gerd Leonhard (Future of Sustainability), Chief Futurist at Futurist.com Nikolas Badminton (Future of Technology), Executive Vice President of the company The Future Hunters, Erica Orange (Future of Education) and business philosopher Anders Indset (Future of Leadership). Futurist Sophie Hvitved (Future of the Metaverse, AI and Media) and Joe-Max Wakim (Future of Health and Medicine) from the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies will also join them, as well as the president of the European Alliance of Composers and Songwriters, Alfons Karabuda (Future of Entertainment and Culture).

Besides the lectures, you will also have the opportunity to learn how to apply future trends in your business at the “Megatrends Shaping Tomorrow” workshop.


  1. Presents successful local and international business practices

How are other companies preparing for the future? What new practices are they introducing? How did they improve their business? What skills and values ​​will they need in the future? Find out the answers to these questions by listening to some of the leading representatives of the local and international business and academic community. Get inspired by the examples of good business practices and let them serve as guidelines for introducing changes in your organization.


  1. Enables exchange of ideas and experiences with representatives of the local, regional, and international business community

Every year, Future Tense gathers representatives from the Croatian private and public sectors, as well as from other countries. Last year, decision-makers from more than 20 different industries attended the conference.

Regardless of your field of interest, at the Future Tense conference, you can exchange ideas, create business acquaintances, or even future partnerships in a relaxed atmosphere with people from different professional backgrounds.


Join us in discovering the future on May 10 and 11 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.