Regional market leaders, representatives of the academic community, public administration, and NGOs, together with the world-renowned futurists – all joining their forces at the same place at the same time. This is what Future Tense powered by Lürssen looks like.

Even better, all these professionals share a mindset focused on creating a better future for all of us. And above all, they are ready to do the work.

If you want to learn more about trends to elevate your business to a higher level and always be one step ahead, Future Tense powered by Lürssen is a place to be. Meet new friends and like-minded professionals, share experiences with the people you already know, and connect with potential new business partners.

We cultivate a space for open-minded individuals. Join us at this year's conference and make a difference in your community.

What people say

About the conference

Boris Drilo

“For sure, better times are ahead and the current unstable circumstances will change for the better. Events like Future Tense help people focus on what is positive and important. Today we talked about technology from a different perspective, focusing on the impact of technology on society. A lot of new technologies are now entering the maturing phase when they are becoming transformative, both for society and for the economy.”

Boris Drilo, HT Board Member & CTIO

Lada Tedeschi Fiorio

“Future Tense is a very special and valuable conference in our market, precisely because of the breadth it brings and the different perspectives when it comes to dominant directions and trends in the future of business and humanity. In a relatively saturated conference market, Future Tense brings freshness of external perspective, an international and global dimension that is useful and necessary in the context of our global competitiveness. I participated in the conference with great and equal satisfaction, both as an attendee and as a speaker, and I look forward to further work and collaboration with colleagues in the Conference Programming Board, a democratic and interesting board that only strengthens my otherwise optimistic vision of the future."

Lada Tedeschi Fiorio, Group Vice President for Corporate Strategy and Development at Atlantic Group

Lada Tedeschi Fiorio

"I am a huge optimist; I believe in people and all of us. I believe that for the love of our children, we want to leave them something good. The entire lineup of speakers at the conference is perfect. I'm glad that we didn't stick to technology and other tech speech buzzwords, but we rather talked about the impact of technology on society. I think it is very important that this conference takes place in Zagreb because it is a very good starting point for opening the dimension of the future that we in Croatia need. I would like to see more state authorities next year so that we can convey our messages directly to them and that sometimes they can be reminded of them"

Boris Nemšić, Delta Partners, Chairman of the Board

Renata Vujasinović

“Future Tense conferences have always been interesting. Mike Walsh gave us food for thought with his lecture. Listening to all these inspiring speakers, one gets surprised at what awaits us, where we are going, and how we have been changing our life habits, leadership, education, and tourism. To stop for a second, to think a little bit about what awaits us in 2050, that's what the Future Tense Conference gave us.”

Renata Vujasinović, Visa, Country Manager Croatia

Renata Vujasinović
Ole Frijs-Madsen

„The business of all businesses is to be sustainable, innovative and smart. Artificial intelligence can be helpful, but we should also be concerned about using it. Back in 2017 Denmark appointed the world's first technology ambassador the role of which is to keep close contact with the big tech industries, the scientific community and policymakers worldwide. Due to the different perspectives the futurists have in comparison to others, they can help both businesses and society. Therefore I think it is wise and beneficial to listen to the futurists like the ones coming from the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies. They can help us better manoeuvre in the complex world of today.”

Ole Frijs-Madsen, Ambassador of the Embassy of Denmark in Croatia

„Futurological predictions are important to us so that we can analyze future versions of business as objectively as possible and in some way transfer them to the operating framework of the present. Through their daily actions, leaders influence the future of their organizations and shape the company’s culture and mindset. This is exactly why I am participating in the Future Tense conference this year – I want to spread an optimistic mindset about the future within my organization.”

Liana Keserić, CEO Raiffeisenbank Hrvatska