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The idea behind the Future Tense conference was to shift the focus from the past and move away from the negative, pessimistic topics, we believe already congest our public space. Instead, we wanted to show an abundance of quiet optimism that capable, hard-working people, yet quite often modest and humble, do offer. They are the ones who can encourage the development of new, fresh ideas, both in the private and public sectors in Croatia and our region.

Also, we’re facing challenges we have never faced before: the global covid pandemic, social and political unrest, and climate change. The truth is we have never felt more uncertain of what the future holds. Our working environment today calls for change. And change requires new ways of thinking, behaving, and leading.

Why have we chosen Futurology? 

Futurology is a relatively new and exciting branch of science that combines natural and social sciences. It focuses on people, their habits, preferences, behaviours, and reactions to the challenges and changes that we, as a society, face every day.

What are the possible futures, and what will the world look like in the next 10, 20 or 30 years? How will that affect our business sector and, consequently our society? These are questions we wish to answer by bringing world-renowned experts in their fields as keynote speakers. From their trend mapping, studies and predictions we can get valuable lessons to learn about the future of business.


What to expect? 

The world is inevitably changing at a high speed and it is totally up to us how we will deal with these challenges and how we will adapt. Future Tense, an internationally awarded B2B Conference, offers a societal and business framework for sharing experiences and exchanging knowledge, research, expertise, and ideas for us to develop our potential and work together for a better future. 


In Future Tense Conference 2023 expect keynote speeches from world-renowned futurists, panel discussions with local and European experts, workshops, think tanks, and some much-needed networking.

Join us in exploring new business models, exchanging experiences, and opening up our perspectives.