• We already see significant changes in our industry in the context of new technology. It broadly defines what the media industry looks like; it does not look as it looked ten years ago. When we are talking about Future Tense, the point is for each of us to be a part of it, for each of us in our segment to think about the future, how to use visions of the future in the business, and then summarize all of that into one whole that gives the results.

    — Dražen Mavrić, CEO Nova TV —
  • We cannot stop progress; the future is already happening today. Therefore, the choice is ours: we can sit back and wait for the upcoming changes or proactively come in and take this opportunity. We, as CEOs and company leaders, need to prepare. We are not preparing plans for tomorrow, but the next 5 or 10 years.

    — Jiří Dvorjančanský, CEO A1 Croatia —
  • Futurology as such should definitely be applied in business. Without thinking about the future, companies disappear from the market. Attending a conference will encourage people to think, perhaps more organized and scientific. This will undoubtedly contribute to the development of the company.

    — Tihomir Adam, Fortenova Group —
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