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Why come to Future Tense?

Future Tense will show how we will live and do business in 2030. Many corporations hire teams of futurologists who predict the needs of consumers of the future and suggest changes to be made by the corporations. Use this knowledge and apply them to your business. Be ready to face the changes arriving at exponential speed. Find out how leading Croatian companies are tackling this at the CEO Future Panel.

What topics will the futurologist tallk about?

Gerd Leonhard will be speaking about the exponential development of technology, its affect on society and the changes we must make immediately. David Birch will present new payment methods which will change money transactions as we know them. Aric Dromi will talk about smart cities of the future and the necessity to adapt to technological development. Food futurologist Morgaine Gaye will talk about the changes in eating habits which will change the way we consume food.

What is futurology?

Futurology is a scientific discipline which explores and predicts the possibilities of technological and social development. Futurologists are interdisciplinary scientists who predict the future emerging from the complexity of modern society. Companies hire futurologists in risk management and as advisers with decision making.

Sign of the future

The conference's visual identity is and animated sign created in real time. It depends on the communication on Twitter related to a certain topic. The changes in the visual represent the mental process of vision manifestation: of considering and rejecting ideas on the future and actively searching for the right questions and answers.

  • As the business world becomes increasingly rooted in new technologies, innovation and disruption, we need to be alert, adaptive and agile to be successful. Looking into the future and trends.

    — Jiři Dvorjancansky | CEO Vipnet —

  • As the innovation leader on the Croatian market we carefully monitor not only current and upcoming trends but also futurologists' foresight about what the future brings to us. Therefore, our involvement in a conference of this type is a logical step. The keynote speakers at the conference are people whose reflections we monitor on a regular basis and it is amazing that we will have an opportunity to see and hear them here in Croatia.

    — Jiři Dvorjancansky | CEO Vipnet —



8:30 – 9:00
Registration & welcome coffee
9:00 – 9:15
Conference opening
9:15 – 10:15
Gerd Leonhard, futurologist
Technology and Humanity – The Next 10 Years
10:15 – 11:15
Aric Dromi, futurologist and strategic advisor
Smart Cities of the Future
11:15 – 11:45
Coffee & snack break
11:45 – 12:45
CEO Future panel
Vipnet, Jiři Dvorjancansky;
Addiko Bank, Mario Žižek;
IN2, Katarina Šiber Makar

Nova TV, Dražen Mavrić

Zvijezda, CEO
12:45 – 13:45
David Birch, futurolog financija
Future of payment
13:45 – 14:45
Morgaine Gaye, food futurologist
Macro and Micro Food Trends
14:45 – 14:50
Conference closing
  • Futurology as a broad term, which includes the future of media, is an important topic for our business, but for the Croatian economy as a whole as well. Therefore, we are happy to stand by this conference and hear the predictions of the world’s leading futurologists.

    — Dražen Mavrić | CEO Nova TV —

  • Nova TV is the leader in ratings, business and technological innovations. We are the domestic market trend setters. We are always considering new, innovative ways of bringing content to our viewers through all our platforms – TV and digital.

    — Dražen Mavrić | CEO Nova TV —


  • To be better tomorrow, you need to buckle down today. We are all witnessing the incredibly fast changes in our living and business environments, and the pace of the changes is only going to get faster. The key ingredient to Addiko Bank's business model is a continuous transformation into a more modern and innovative organization to the satisfaction of our clients and our employees.

    — Mario Žižek | CEO Addiko bank d.d. —

  • We are very pleased to be able to support the Future Tense conference and open the doors to the future first hand. Maybe we cannot imagine the product our future customers will want, but futurology can help us predict their needs and the upcoming shift in trends, which is a great guide for planning future development.

    — Zvijezda d. d. —

  • The focus of our business has always been a modern and innovative product customized to the needs of the consumer. This strategy has ensured a successful 100 years, so we plan on implementing it in the next 100, taking into consideration all accessible sources of information and relevant partners.

    — Zvijezda d. d. —

  • Following the upcoming trends, Vipnet started transforming its business model two years ago, going from a convergent telecom operator to a fully digital company. It is as important to us to change ourselves, our processes and corporate culture following the expectations of the changing market, but also our former, current and future employees, to be able to respond to the disruption and the changes it brings.

    — Jiři Dvorjancansky | CEO Vipnet —

  • Sretni smo što smo dio Future Tense konferencije i imamo priliku potaknuti poslovnu zajednicu na aktivno promišljanje budućnosti i što konkretniju poslovnu i tehnološku prilagodbu rapidnim promjenama.

    — Katarina Šiber Makar | CEO IN2 —

  • The world is changing irreversibly, in its social structure as well as through the appearance of new digital business models. Here, technology is the key initiator. IN2 acknowledges and follows upcoming trends and we implement them in our software solutions through innovations in AI, the Internet of things, smart cities and other digital solutions.

    — Katarina Šiber Makar | CEO IN2 —

  • Gerd did a fantastic job at a recent global logistics conference, opening up the opportunities of the future, bringing in varied examples from a host of different industries to explore new ways of thinking - big impact with the team.

    — John Marsden | VP APAC Unilever —

  • Feedback has been extremely positive for Aric’s presentation, which provided a totally different point of view and encouraged people to think on a different level.

    — Financial Publishers —

  • Aric gave an ideal keynote to stimulate the conference audience and kick-start more creative, innovative thinking and development.

    — Global Hardware Provider —


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  • „Humanity will change more in next 20 years than in the past 300 years.“

    Gerd Leonhard
  • „Food is something we all have in common. No matter what we eat or don’t eat; we make personal, cultural, societal, political and aspirational decisions with everything we buy, grow and consume.“

    Morgaine Gaye
  • “While most of us are busy looking back at our achievements, a few brave souls are about to step forward and jump into the unknown.”

    Aric Dromi
  • „The future is not a time period but a point of view.“

    Gerd Leonhard
  • "I look at food as an identity and I research food trends to give an indicator of what’s to come."

    Morgaine Gaye


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